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After Surgery Care
Please know that your health and safety are our first priority. All clients are only seen one-on-one by Dr. Margaret. We do not schedule overlapping visits. We also allow enough time between visits to sanitize ALL surfaces with Protex Disinfectant Spray and allow for the appropriate dry time.  

Physical Therapy Following Surgery

Blue Lotus Physical Therapists are experts at providing physical therapy following surgery. We help clients rehabilitate after orthopedic surgery or injury as well as after aesthetic surgery, cardiac surgery, or general surgery.

Dr. Margaret Latham is an experienced therapist in outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation as well as inpatient and geriatric rehabilitation. She is skilled at assisting clients to recover from orthopedic and general surgery and specializes in assisting clients recovering from joint replacements and aesthetic surgeries. Dr. Margaret combines traditional physical therapy interventions of therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular training, scar management, and manual techniques with techniques from lymphedema management to help clients reduce pain and swelling and recover more quickly.

Dr. Margaret knows firsthand that recovery from aesthetic surgery is challenging and can assist clients with management of pain, swelling, and effects on joint and tissue mobility. Clients having undergone liposuction can benefit from techniques that stimulate the resulting compromised lymphatic system.

Knee Replacement
From Knee Replacements
Lymphatic Drainage Face
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