Wellness Services

In addition to our online store and Orlando Area Wellness Boutique, we are committed to whole body wellness. We also offer an onsite Wellness Services Center. We specialize in Wellness and Spa Services based on Lymphatic and Immune System Health. Founder of Blue Lotus Wellness Center, Dr. Margaret Latham, and her staff provide wellness massage, lymphatic drainage massage, massage cupping, negative pressure, and soft tissue mobilization.


Dr. Margaret is also a specialist in post-operative care, especially following plastic surgery. We provide provide expert post-op care including manual lymph drainage, compression management, drain and wound management, negative compression, kinesiology taping, & more. 


Dr. Margaret is also an expert in facial aesthetics with -PlasmaMD. Call for details –  407-614-5061

Please visit our dedicated website for our onsite Wellness Center for detailed service descriptions and to schedule an appointment.