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Degelis and KymB both believe in the power of cannabinoids for health and wellbeing. In 2017, Dege had already begun to lead the clean vaping movement. After finding that smoking hemp flower irritated her already sensitive lungs, she discovered that vaping solved this problem for her. This is because vaping uses lower temperatures and does not burn the plant material.

However, there were very few good vaping options that combine potentency, lab results and great taste. Therefore, she launched an all-natural, proprietary line of vape oil. At first, almost no one was talking about healthy CBD vapes. The average consumer at the time did not realize that many had toxic additives that could damage their lungs and skin. Then came the Vape Crisis of 2019.  Well known media outlets including Rolling Stone and Forbes began to shed light on companies like TribeTokes who make clean products with no dangerous chemicals added.

Soon after, Degelis and KymB met at a Women Grow event in NYC and their partnership was born. They had a shared vision for growing a tribe or a close community of customers, advocates and CBD fans. Also, Kym was able to use her health and wellness background to develop plant-based clean beauty products. Thus, the TRIBEAUTY line of clean CBD Skincare came into being.

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