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At Gold Standard, it is their mission to motivate, educate and inspire a new generation who see cannabis as a standard to a healthy lifestyle.

Gold Standard has a growing team of 20 unique individuals, and counting. The team fosters an environment that supports individual growth. They promote from within after finding each person's strengths.

They value community, transparency, and finding the higher self.

The company was founded in 2017 by Zion Greenfield and Lucas Brown. They saw a need for a CBD product that has higher quality than any other on the market. They created hemp CBD products that could compete with the typical high THC products found in marijuana dispensaries. Both Zion and Lucas are passionate about cannabis.  However, they are also realistic about the long term effects of regularly using THC. What they and many others have discovered is that you can “be your higher self, without the high

 hemp stix by Gold Standard


They were the first company to market a hemp cigarette in the US market. They proudly claim their Hemp Stix as America’s 1st and best hemp cigarette.

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