Delta-8 THC Oils

Delta-8 THC Oils provide an easy way to ingest high quality Delta-8 THC without having to inhale.  Onset is slightly faster then edibles when users allow the oil to sit under the tongue for at least 60 seconds.

Be sure to read our comprehensive article about Delta-8 THC if you are unfamiliar with the effects.  Delta 8 is intoxicating, though less so than its cousin Delta 9 (approximately 70% as psychoactive).

Many people enjoy the effects of Delta 8 to aid with relaxation and stress.  It can be helpful with letting go of a hard day and getting a full night’s rest.  Our oils are formulated with a strength of 1000mg per ounce or 33 mg per ml (full dropper).  Most people find the best results with a modest dose of 10-20mg.  This is just over .25ml to just over .5ml.

Please DO NOT drive or engage in activities that require full concentration while using Delta 8.

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