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Xula Moon-a-Pause Hemp + Herbs tincture combines the power of botanical herbs and Hemp.  This tincture embraces change and transition. Designed specifically for easing the changes experienced by menopausal and post-menopausal bodies, this formula features seven science-backed active botanicals that support the body’s natural processes of cooling and moistening to combat hot flashes and dryness. These organically-grown herbs support hormonal balance to boost passion and sensuality.

Xula (pronounced “choo-luh”) – chula \ ˈchül ə \ chill, intelligent, cute, balanced – to feel good in one’s own skin.



Highlights: Xula Moon-a-Pause


CBD Type: Full Spectrum (less than 0.3% THC)


CBD Strength: 1000mg per 30ml bottle (40mg per ml); plus 200mg CBG


Hemp Source: Oregon


Extraction Method: Alcohol


Botanical Strength: 4200mg active botanicals


Ingredients: Hibiscus, MCT Oil (Coconut Derived), Schizandra Berries, Black Cohosh Root, Hemp, Shatavari Root, Sage, Lemon (Essential Oil)


What We Love:  Xula Moon-a-pause is made by women for women.  This thoughtfully crafted blend covers many of the benefits desired by women during or after menopause.



The Power of Botanicals:

Xula Moon-a-Pause contains a powerful blend of herbs and cannabinoids that research shows help cool hot flashes, combat dryness and boost mood.  These include black cohosh root, hibiscus and sage, which help the body cool.  Schizandra Berries, and Shatavari Root which encourage moisture where you want it and foster those romantic feelings.  CBD, CBG and lemon essential oil that boost mood and promote hormonal balance.

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