The Wife CBD Hemp Flower by Keystone – (Hybrid)



The Wife CBD Hemp Flower is a balanced Hybrid strain with very high CBD. Amish growers at Keystone Hemp Growers cultivate and process this premium Hemp Flower.  It has a skunky, but sweet aroma. The flavor profile of Wife is tangy with hints of cherry. Users note that this strain is excellent for discomfort and stress.  Additionally, this strain provides great stress relief and relaxation without making consumers too sleepy. Be happy and uplifted with Wife!

Highlights: Wife CBD Hemp Flower


3.5 Grams (1/8oz)

7g (1/4oz)

28g (1oz)

CBG Type: Full Spectrum (less than 0.3% THC)

CBD Strength: 220mg per gram

Total Cannabinoids: 253mg per gram

Hemp Source: Amish grown in Pennsylvania

Organic: Naturally organic Amish farming methods

Effects: Wife CBD Flower leaves users feeling reduced discomfort, uplifted and happy.  Wife is known to calm the mind while relaxing the body.  Users note relief of stomach distress, chronic discomfort and powerful head discomfort.

What We Love: This beautiful CBD flower has small, but mighty buds that pack a whopping 22% CBD.  Known for producing an uplifting, but relaxing experience without too much sedation, Wife is a great option for daytime or anytime use.

Most notable Uses:

Anxious Feelings

Anxious Feelings



Head Discomfort

Head Discomfort

Strain Notes: The cherry aroma and the industry grapevine suggest that Wife may be a blend of T-1 and a hemp strain like Cherry Wine. Others say Wife has a more complex genetics stemming from from Wife S-1.

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Additional Information

3.5g (1/8oz), 7g (1/4oz), 28g (1oz)




Full Spectrum – less than 0.3% THC


Better Rest, Relaxation and Stress, Relief of Discomfort

A Note About Flower

A Note About Flower

Blue Lotus Botanicals carries hemp flower for those who desire a rapid, high dose of CBD or simply enjoy the relaxation of an occasional hemp smoke.  However, while CBD is wonderful for health, wellness, and relaxation; smoking anything (tobacco, hemp, etc.) has obvious negative health connotations.  We do not recommend it for frequent (multiple times daily) use because of this potential negative impact on your health.  In our wellness boutique, hemp flower is segregated from other product in a secured case to prevent minors from misusing the products.  Shipments will require a signature from someone 21+ to receive them.  We realize that this will be inconvenient for some, but feel it is necessary as a part of making sure Hemp remains accessible for adult use.

Flower is not a primary focus of our business, but remains an essential part of a well-rounded approach to CBD accessibility.  Hemp flower has a somewhat questionable reputation because of its look and smell, which so closely resemble “marijuana.”  However, Legal CBD Hemp flower cultivated and regulated in compliance with federal hemp laws does not make the user “high,” but remains one of the most efficacious and cost effective ways to ingest CBD. Flower can also be vaporized, which does not burn the hemp.  However, the long term health consequences of vaporizing flower are unknown.  We only carry hemp flower with third party lab result verifying legality and potency.

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