Tribeauty CBD Skincare Bundle – Full Size


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Take your skincare to a new level with this amazing Tribeauty CBD Skincare bundle. Try everything in the TribeTokes CBD beauty collection for healthier skin, for only $270! This complete package is a $360 value!

This bundle includes the full sizes of TribeTokes signature CBD Eye Rescue Cream, CBD Superfood Face Mask, CBD Collagen Boosting Serum, CBD Vitamin C Super Serum, CBD Pore Refining Rose Toner, and CBD Cucumber Tightening Eye Gel.


Highlights: Tribeauty CBD Skincare Bundle

CBD Type: Isolate (perfect for skincare)

Size:  6  full size bottles / jars from .5oz to 4oz

CBD Strength: Varies

Extraction Method: CO2

Ingredients: Varies By Product

Caution!:This may be obvious, but DO NOT apply directly into your eye 🙂

What We Love: Help give you skin a healthy glow and try all the products before you commit to a full size bottle! We love the opportunity to play with new products.  This skincare bundle will give you the chance to enjoy the whole range of Tribeauty products without breaking the bank.

Suggested routine:

Every Evening – after cleansing and before moisturizing, spray the rose toner 3-5 times onto a cotton ball or tissue, and wipe over your face and neck thoroughly. Then, apply the CBD Collagen Boosting Serum and CBD Eye Rescue Cream (remember that a little goes a long way for these!).  In the morningSubstitute the Cucumber Eye Gel for the  Eye Rescue Cream and the Vitamin C Serum for the Collagen Boost.   Use the Superfood Facial mask once a week.


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