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Tree-Rolls Hemp + Herbs PreRolls are exceptional blends of quality Hemp.  Premium Herbs add delicious aromas, flavors and effects.  Each Pure, organically grown hemp flowers make each joint a joy to the senses and provide relief to the body and mind. Boutique farmers produce their hemp without additives or harmful fertilizers.  This, in turn, ensures a smooth smoke with delicious flavors and aromas.  Every joint gives the benefits of full spectrum hemp with all its beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids.

Tree-Rolls is committed to helping with the future of our planet.  They have pledged to plant one tree for every Tree-Rolls product sold.  Their non-profit partner uses proceeds from every product to help rebuild forests, ecosystems, and renewable food sources.


Highlights: Tree-Rolls Hemp + Herbs PreRolls

CBD Type: Full Spectrum (less than 0.3% THC)

PreRoll Size:  3/4 gram

Cannabinoid Strength: Each Roll contains over 70mg cannabinoids – approximately 50mg-70mg CBD; Lavender and Palm have 30-40mg CBG

Hemp Source: USA

Organic: Organically grown


Peppermint – Premium hemp flower blends with the refreshing flavor and cooling sensation of organic peppermint leaves.  Peppermint promotes good digestion, clearer breathing and relaxation without feeling sleepy.

Lavender – Delicious dried organic lavender flowers promote relaxation and well-being.  This wonderful addition to premium hemp is an aromatic and restful blend.  This Tree-Roll will make any evening more peaceful.

Palm – Palm is formulated with unique hemp strains full of naturally occuring tropical and sweet terpenes that stimulate the senses.  This Tree-Roll will promote liveliness and energy.

Peppermint Lab Report

Lavender Lab Report

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Lavender, Palm, Peppermint

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