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Enjoy a huge variety of flavors with Ten DC Delta-8 THC Vapes.  Each one is a full gram of high quality Delta-8 THC Distillate and cannabis derived and botanical terpenes.  A favorite among our customers because of the quality for an affordable price.



Highlights: Ten DC Delta-8 THC Vapes


THC Type: Delta-8 THC converted from CBD Isolate


THC Strength: 850mg per 1 gram cartridge


Hemp Source: Southern Oregon


Extraction Method: CO2


What We Love:  No PV/VG or additives.  These Ten DC Delta-8 THC vapes have consistent quality and flavor.  Also, they have a smooth hit without too much throat irritation.  The round tip provides a decent flow and very rarely clogs (we have never had one returned for clogging, though one can never say never).  All Cartridges have a scannable QR code that links to the contained extract and test results


Sample Test Results

Ten DC Delta-8 THC Vape Strains:


Bubba Kush:

Fragrance: Earthy, Chocolate, Coffee

Effects:  Relaxed, Happy


Cookies (Indica Leaning Hybrid):

Fragrance: Earth, Sweet Cream

Effects: Feel floaty, relaxed, and calm


Purple Punch:

Fragrance: mixing grape, blueberry, candy, and a slightly vanilla taste

Effects: Sleepy and Stress-free; great to combat nausea


Wedding Cake (Indica Leaning Hybrid):

Fragrance: Vanilla, Citrus, Gas

Effects: Relax your nerves and restless muscles, enjoy fewer anxious feelings




Bubblegum Mochi:

Fragrance: Bubblegum

Effects: Happy, creative, and helpful with chronic disomfort; good for use throughout the day


Gelato #33

Fragrance: Sweet citrus and fruity flavors

Effects: Happy and Uplifted




Gorilla Blue (not Glue – Sativa Leaning Hybrid):

Fragrance: Sweet Berries, Tangy Fruit

Effects: Relaxed, Focused, Talkative


Hawaiian Haze:

Fragrance: Tropical Fruit, Coconut

Effects: Uplifting and euphoric, talkative and sociable


Headband (Sativa Leaning Hybrid):

Fragrance: Citrus, Diesel Pine, Floral

Effects: Great for relaxation and fighting discomfort


Jack Herer:

Fragrance: Citrus, Pine, Spice

Effects: Energized, uplifted, creative


Strawberry Cough:

Fragrance: Skunky berries

Effects: Uplifting and euphoric, energetic





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