Strongest CBD Isolate Capsules – 3000mg by Cannabidiol Life


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Enjoy 30% off MSRP on the Strongest CBD Isolate Capsules we have found. They pack a powerful 100mg per capsule for those looking for a convenient high dose CBD option. Each bottle contains 30 capsules for a total of 3000mg of CBD.


Highlights: Strongest CBD Isolate Capsules

Manufacturer: Cannabidiol Life

Type: CBD Isolate Capsules (zero THC).  Full details of the types of products can be found in our Blog.

CBD Strength:  3000mg (100mg per capsule)

Hemp Source: Colorado

Extraction Method: Ethanol Extraction using ethanol created from the hemp.

What We Love: The 100 mg capsule is perfect for those seeking a convenient way to take a larger dose of CBD.


Full Description from Cannabidiol Life:

At 99%+ purity, Cannabidiol Life Isolate Capsules are top-of-the-line. Cannabidiol Life fills these plant-based organic capsules with the highest grade of Cannabidiol isolate extracted from premium industrial hemp.


Ingredients: 100mg of Cannabidiol Isolate, Pharmeceutical Grade Capsule

(Capsule is GMO-free, hypoallergenic, free of preservatives, sodium lauryl sulfates, ethylene oxide or sulfites. Kosher and Halal certified, and certified to be free of BSE/TSEs)


Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules daily preferably before meals. To achieve maximum wellness results, be sure to take these capsules for a minimum of 3 days in a row.


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