COSO Twist Slim Pen – 510 Battery


We get lots of inquiries about these pens – mostly operating instructions or pen failure.  Happy to chat with any customer, but to possibly save you some time – If you purchased your pen from us (we are one of thousands of retailers), we will happily exchange it if failure occurs.  If not, please reach out to the retailer you obtained it from.  Typical failure is that the pen will simply flash when you hold the button, but will not hit. If that happens, it is among the recently deceased – seek a replacement.

Most common operating question – 2 clicks to start preheat & 1 to end it

This product is available in store, for local delivery, or curbside pickup only.  We can no longer ship Vape products because of recent changes to federal law.

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These COSO Twist Slim Pen batteries accommodate any 510 cartridge. They have a preheat option and adjustable voltage through a quick twist at the bottom of the pen. Available in a variety of colors, these batteries make a charming addition to your vape accessories. We suggest using low or medium voltage for most vapes as higher voltage can impact the taste.

Highlights: COSO Twist Slim Pen

Capacity: 380mAh
Voltage adjustable: 3.3V – 4.8V

Type: 510 Thread

Color: Black, White, Teal, Red, Pink, Silver

Package Contents:

1 x COSO VV battery

1 x Charger plug

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Additional Information

Blue, Pink, Red, Teal, White, Black, Silver