USDA Certified Organic CBD

Buy USDA Certified Organic CBD from Blue Lotus Botanicals

Blue Lotus Botanicals oils and salves use Vapor distilled USDA Certified Organic CBD Extract.  In addition, they are bottled in a certified organic boutique production facility in Colorado.  This certification also includes our topical salves.

Our hemp derived Oils and Salves are USDA Certified Organic CBD. Natural Food Certifiers (NFC) provided our certification. Blue Lotus Wellness and CBD Boutique has been making our private label -  Blue Lotus Botanicals, since 2018.  Our products already contained premium organic ingredients, but we completed our certification in November of 2020.  Quality and compliance from seed to shelf is our goal!

Why is USDA Certification Important?

There are now thousands of CBD brands in the marketplace. However, our industry still has limited regulation. This means many low quality products remain on store shelves and online. Unfortunately, these include brands from makers who are not always transparent in their farming and processing methods. Some also do not provide full third-party tests. These tests should include safety panel results for pesticides and microbial contaminants. Some even have false claims on their labels.

Blue Lotus Botanicals is committed to sourcing and producing only the highest quality CBD products. We choose USDA Certified Organic hemp for our oils and salves.  In addition, the USDA Certification now includes our finished oils and salves. This supports our mission to provide our customers with some of the safest, highest quality CBD products on the market. Also, we offer you peace of mind. We do with our ongoing third-party product testing with our USDA Certified Organic products.

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