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Pachamama CBD was founded when Ryan and Brandon Stump decided to pursue a healthier and sober lifestyle.  Their heartfelt commitment to healing is part of the reason why Blue Lotus Wellness chose Pachamama as one of our brands.

Co-founder Brandon Stump struggled with a life of drug addiction before finding help from CBD himself. At first he moved from Ohio to seek a healthy, sober life in beautiful southern California. However, shortly after making the move, he realized his surroundings were not the problem. In fact, he was the problem. After this realization, his own problem became a catalyst for change.

Soon, he formed better habits and a simpler routine that created balance in his life. Shortly after this, people started to notice changes in him and sought his clean and sober lifestyle.

His desire to help others prompted him to call on his brother Ryan Stump.  Soon, Ryan left a medical career field and moved west to help his brother change lives.  Together, they founded the Buckeye Recovery Network. This is now known as a top program for aftercare in the US. Now is has more than twenty sober living communities, medical detox programs, and intensive outpatient care centers. Brandon and Ryan made it their mission to help others find their way back to a worthwhile life. It started with one life, but has grown into 10,000+ changed lives.

After winning the battle with drugs, standard pain killers were not an option for Brandon.  Soon, he discovered the power of CBD to help him manage pain with no risk of addiction. The positive improvements in his life made him want to share it with others. In turn, this led to the founding of the Pachamama CBD brand.

Awards and Recognition for Pachamama CBD

The company's recognition by the clean label project is especially impressive.  They received an award for true and transparent labeling of their products.  This is still a fledgling industry where many players are only interested in profits. Unfortunately, this often means manufacturers sacrifice quality for cost savings.  It also often means that what is on the outside of a bottle does not match the inside.

This is not true for Pachamama CBD or for any of the brands we carry.  Blue Lotus Wellness has researched every brand we carry and are proud to represent Pachamama!

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