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Lunchbox Alchemy started in 2014 and helped pioneer the cannabis movement.  At first, they worked hard to give medical patients in Oregon the helpful cannabis medicine they sought. Their passion for the plant helped them create something that could help others.  This began with medical patients who were legally able to use THC products.  Research and passion led to the development of an award-winning gummy.  The result was providing the type of relief they were looking for in a tasty edible.

The 2018 Farm Bill gave them the chance to expand through the whole United States with CBD products. The response from customers was wonderful.  Requests for products came from people of all walks of life.  In addition, many wanted to share the benefits with friends and family. Lunchbox Alchemy is grateful for the opportunity to share their passion for cannabis.  Blue Lotus Wellness looks forward to helping you find the perfect solution for you and your family.


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