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Crystal Creek Organics takes great pride in all aspects of their CBD and Delta-8 products. This includes all stages of formulation, production, boxing and labeling.

They source high quality ingredients from industry partners. These partners share the same devotion as CCO to high quality and openness.

Third-Party Lab Tested CBD

Third-party labs test every completed batch of CCO products. This means you can be sure of the quality and quantity of CBD or Delta-8 in every product. Also, the lab results for all batches are available by scanning the QR codes on the box or bottle for all products.

Supply Chain Tracking

Every link in their supply chain can be tracked as goods flow from supplier to CCO.

The packaging of every product contains the batch numbers. As a result, every point of production from farm to shelf is transparent.

Eco-Friendly and Responsible Packaging

Crystal Creek Organics is a proud member of the Eco Packaging Alliance. Notably, this program contributes to restoring global forests by planting trees in areas of need.

In addition, 1% of ALL of CCO sales go to various non-profits. Their commitment to protecting our community and planet are foremost in everything they do.

Unwavering Quality Control

GMP or ISO certified facility in the United States are utilized for all CCO CBD oils, extracts, concentrates and finished products.

These facilities have some of the best quality control measures in the industry.  In turn, this ensures Crystal Creek Organics are among the finest CBD products available.

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