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There are over 11,000 websites with CBD for sale as of this writing, so thank you for taking the time to visit us. Here are some of the reasons we hope you will consider us for your CBD purchases.


  1. We have spent countless hours researching CBD hemp extracts to learn about the best products using all the criteria detailed below. We are committed to brands with full transparency about every one of them. 
  2. We have tested and personally tried over 75 brands in our search for the highest quality and most effective products. This was after eliminating many before we even tried them.   
  3. We only sell authentic products with comprehensive, third party lab reports.
  4. We will not sell any products that withhold information or are unclear about their CBD content. For example, many hemp nutritional products are currently available on Amazon and other online sources. While these products may have their own nutritional value, please know that nutritional hemp oils or hemp seed oils are not the same thing as CBD hemp extracts. Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD in its marketplace as of this writing. Therefore, any products sold there cannot disclose the specific CBD content. Effectively, the seller is not disclosing that it contains CBD, so they will be allowed to sell it. There is therefore no way to know if it contains CBD or not!!  It also means they are in violation of established state guidelines for labeling (in FL and elsewhere).  We will not sell any products that are not completely transparent about all the items below.

The Criteria we Evaluate:


What We Evaluate

What it it?

Our Criteria


Additional ingredients added after the hemp is processed

Organic, naturally derived wellness additives that increase therapeutic properties (like lavender) are OK in some products.  NO chemical additives such as Propylene Glycol are ever in products we choose.

Extraction Process


How the therapeutic compounds are removed from the hemp

Our products are Vapor Distilled- leaving the most beneficial compounds, CO2 extracted- clean and less expensive, or Alcohol extracted- more labor intensive, also retains more therapeutic value.  We choose not to carry hydrocarbon extracted products. 

Full Spectrum,  Broad Spectrum and Isolate

Full = contains more original compounds including trace THC

Broad = THC is filtered out – this filtration also removes some other compounds

Isolate – Only CBD

Each type of product has a place in our selection, as they all offer different benefits to different people. If drug testing is a concern for you, full spectrum products have a small chance of failing due to the trace THC. If not, full spectrum has the most therapeutic compounds to work in conjunction with the CBD.

Lab testing

Analysis of the specific compounds present in a product, and their concentrations

All of our products must have publicly available lab testing results from an independent laboratory, so we and you know exactly what they contain.


Manufactured in GMP / FDA registered facilities and / or USDA Organic

We strive to select products manufactured in appropriately licensed facilities and with transparency about manufacturing.


The concentration of CBD in a product

We carry a variety of concentrations to meet varied needs.  Labeled potency is validated through 3rd party lab results.

Raw, Decarboxylated, filtered

How the oil is processed

Full descriptions of these items are below.  The brief version is that we investigate all aspects of the hemp processing to understand the full benefits.

Source of Hemp

Where was the hemp grown?

Our products are from hemp sourced in Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, and the European Union.  These have a proven record of high-quality phytocannabinoid rich hemp. 

Terpene Profiles

Aromatic organic compounds found in plants provide flavor and additional therapeutic benefits.

All terpene profiles supply different benefits to the CBD and may work for different bodies. We investigate and understand the terpene profiles of all our oils.  Some (broad spectrum) have terpenes mostly filtered out during the extraction process, leaving minor cannabinoids and CBD.  Others have a robust terpene profile or have added terpenes.  Strain specific oils are an example of this. 

Vertical Integration

One company controls the hemp from “seed to shelf”

In our case, we control the “shelf,” but we strive to do business with companies that control the process from seed to bottle.  This provides greater control and transparency.

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