Aromatherapy Bar

Orlando Aromatherapy Bar

Pre-made & Customized Essential Oil Blends for:

Wellness & Immunity – Provide yourself with that extra germ-fighting edge with a diffuser blend, personal inhaler, or roll-on product.



Better Rest – Help you or your child rest better with calming and relaxing diffuser blends.



Relief from the discomforts of life – Ease aches and pain with nature’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines.  Use a topical oil blend alone or add some CBD for even more relief. 



Allergy reduction – Reduce your body’s histamine response with anti-inflammatory and calming diffuser blends or roll-on products to help relieve itching and congestion.



Natural cleaning products – Erase life’s messes with all-natural cleaning products. These are made with essential oils, gentle soaps, and natural sanitizers so you can control dirt and germs without harsh ingredients.  Bonus – these cleaners smell like your favorite flowers and herbs instead of like your least favorite chemicals!



Body and Skincare – Indulge in our favorite kind of self-care with the perfect carriers and essential oils for your unique skin type.  We can create blends to address all types of skin concerns, so whether you need to fight blemishes or soothe mature lines and spots, we can help! 

New to Aromatherapy?

Come and smell what all the hype is about.  We love sharing our passion for nature’s healing plants.

Experienced with Aromatherapy?

If you are like us, you have gotten very excited about a new recipe and then realized that the few drops of that rare new oil it called for required you to spend some serious cash.  You may also find that it is difficult to use all of an oil before it oxidizes or you grow weary of the scent.    


This is one of the reasons we created our Aromatherapy Bar.  You don’t have to buy the whole bottle.  We will blend just a few drops for you, so you have the freedom to make whatever recipe you like, without wasting money on extra product you might never use.


Bring your own recipes if you like! 

Some of the rarer oils we keep in stock:


Blue TansyTanacetum annuum

Chamomile GermanMatricaria chamomilla

Chamomile RomanChamaemelum nobile

Jasmine AbsoluteJasminum sambac

Rose AbsoluteRosa x damascena

SandalwoodSantalum album

Helichrysum ItalicumHelichrysum italicum

MyrrhCommiphora myrrha

NeroliCitrus x aurantium

Vanilla CO2Vanilla planifolia

Some Examples of the Blends we can Make Together

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