Why are so many people excited about Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for wellness?

Essential oils are recognized as one of the fastest growing segments of the natural health industry.  This can lead to some crazy claims about what they can do and how people use them.  At Blue Lotus Wellness, we believe that, used correctly, essential oils can improve quality of life in several ways.

First, it is important to understand that unlike many pharmaceutical drugs or botanically based remedies, essential oils work through one (or both) of two distinct mechanisms. Essential oils have a physical effect on the mind and body through sensory memory. This is because the olfactory nerve is directly connected to the limbic system – the part of the brain that processes emotion.  Therefore, when we smell something, we often respond emotionally before we have intellectually processed what we are smelling.  Essential oils also produce physical effects on the body through chemical actions, just like other drugs and botanical products.

What the Scientific research on essential oils tells us?


We have studied the effects of approximately 100 essential oils in our journey to understanding how to best employ them as part of wellness.  There are many oils that act in a similar manner to each other because of shared chemical components.  There are also many oils with safety concerns that should be known and addressed before using them. 


The Franklin Health Research Foundation has studied the beneficial effects of aromatherapy for treating fatigue, reducing morning sickness, and addressing stress-induced feelings of anxiety. Other organizations have also found that essential oils can increase endurance, treat pain, help wounds heal faster, and even treat generalized anxiety disorders.


The Tisserand Institute has studied the hundreds of component parts of essential oils and produced a huge array of literature and books on the subject.  Robert Tisserand is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on the use and safety of essential oils.  We have read and studied much of his work and keep several of his books on hand for reference.   We highly recommend visiting his website for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of Essential Oils. 

How do essential oils work?


We mentioned the sensory memory activity of essential oils above.   You have no doubt had many emotional responses to aromas in your lifetime.  Whether it is the fond memories of grandma triggered by baking cookies or something less pleasant.   You may have found yourself feeling an emotion before you were able to place the smell…this is sensory memory.  These physiological responses to aroma alone are part of how essential oils work.  It is also part of the reason that an oil beloved by many might be one that is not enjoyed at all by others. 


The second way essential oils have physical effects on the body is through chemical actions, just like other drugs and botanical products. This is the part of aromatherapy that is backed up by the most research.  Many of the constituent chemicals in essential oils can produce medicinal effects when applied to the body correctly and in the appropriate dose. Chemicals such as menthol, eucalyptol, and limonene are responsible for many of the medicinal effects of aromatherapy.  Some of these components have been isolated and added to traditional pharmaceutical drugs because of their effectiveness. 

How do you use Essential Oils effectively?

There is a huge amount of information about using essential oils.  Some of this information is reliable and some is simply not.  We have personally heard claims from some companies that you need to “use a lot” and from others that recommend inappropriate doses of oils known for skin irritation and phototoxicity.  Therefore, it is important to get good information and to consult with references or individuals that understand not only what the oils are good for, but also when they should be used in moderation or avoided all together. 

Just like the wide array of CBD products we carry; essential oils are not a magical cure for everything that ails you.  But they can be wonderfully beneficial to your wellness and offer specific and natural relief for a wide variety of conditions.  

The most common ways to employ essential oils are:

Diffusing into the room via a diffuser that sends the scent and therapeutic components throughout a room.  This is considered a reasonably safe method for using most oils as they are not being applied directly to your skin.  Caution is still warranted for certain medical condition and young children.

Personal Inhalers, which allow the scent to be carried in a pocket or purse and pulled out for use throughout the day.  These are especially effective if you are exposed to unpleasant smells during the day, tend to get tense, or are suffering from a cold.  For example, a coughing fit might can be avoided completely by using an inhaler filled with oils good for the respiratory system and with antispasmodic properties.

Aromatherapy jewelry and clips allow you to wear your favorite scent around your neck or wrist or attached to your car vent. 

Natural cleaning products can provide an alternative to harsh chemicals and provide an extra germ fighting boost to your cleaning soap or alcohol base.  Room sprays can replace the chemicals in traditional air fresheners. 

Whichever way you choose to use essential oils, be sure to make sure you understand the safety concerns and proper preparation.  This includes uses for the oil or aromatherapy product (how you expect it to affect you), the correct way to prepare the essential oil, precautions and warnings, side effects, and directions. Directions should include the amount used at a time for each age/weight group, frequency of application, and total duration the preparation can be taken safely.

Visit us at Blue Lotus Wellness Boutique and enjoy a tour of a wide variety of aromatherapy in Orlando.    You will be able to smell individual oils and oils in combination, explore methods of application, create a custom blend based on your personal preferences and learn about which oils are best for your individual concerns. 

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